Wolf RD New EP "Nowhere Around You"

The up and coming band, Wolf Rd released their debut EP “Nowhere Around You” back in November. The four piece from the suburbs of Des Plaines definitely put their all into the music. Each song consists of a meaning close to them not only for listeners to enjoy but to also connect with.

The first song that kicks off the EP, “Comeback” starts off with a strong beginning with the drums that instantly make you want to start head banging. The song has some killer riffs and a little bit of singing. It’s a short song but listening to the lyrics, it’s a powerful song. One lyric that stood out was, “But if I don’t stand up for myself then why the fuck should anyone else?” Hearing that, I had to go back and replay it because it hit home. 

After the one minute song and follows into the next song, “A Twisted World.” The song is about dealing with anxiety which you can see from some of the lyrics such as, “Losing sleep anticipating tragedy.” One neat thing I found about the first two songs is that they connect. 

“‘A Twisted World’ picks up where ‘Comeback’ leaves off in the sense that this song is about finding renewed purpose in your life and seeking to better yourself a little bit day by day.” Chris Hoffmann, Vocalist of Wolf RD continues to add, “Ultimately carries forward the more hopeful message heatured at the end of ‘Comeback.’ These first two songs go together and are really like one large song put together in terms of their meaning.”

It is a neat touch for the song to pick up where one left off in meaning and you can just tell that they go together. 

And all of that doesn’t stop there. Throughout the rest of the songs there is still a clear showing of meaning. “Winthrop” is a song about cutting out toxic friends. New Year time to cut some people out, am I right? All jokes aside, it’s something people do to better themselves and this message is conveyed really well. Plus the vocals with the mix of screaming and singing makes the song even better to listen to. 

“Oakton” is my favorite song. The lyrics, the chorus, and just the song as a whole is amazing. Especially the ending lyrics, “I crossed my heart, you broke it. Torn down by words you’d spoken.” It brings the song together. “Oakton” has been on repeat lately. But the song is about dealing with the ending of a relationship. I did notice one thing about the song but I’m going to save it for when I interview them. Keep your eye out for that!

“Blue Moon” and “Dogwood” both are high energy songs. “Blue Moon” is about politicians and “Dogwood” has a few meanings. It goes from dealing with anxiety, living life to its fullest, and dealing with the loss of someone close. The three topics seem different but in the song they go together well. 

Every song is about storytelling through deep meanings and experiences. For being their debut EP let me tell you, it’s a good one for sure. And you can catch some of these songs live! They have two upcoming shows the 17th and 25th of this month. Show posters are down below. I will be at the Sub T show the 25th so you should definitely show up. All their links will be down below and make sure you go stream “Nowhere Around You.”

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