Vans Warped Tour 2017

This was my first warped tour I’d been to and was the debut of my blog! Let’s just say my mom didn’t buy me the tickets so didn’t know I was going. My brother in law bought his brother, Alex, and I the tickets. My parents found out he bought us the tickets, but hey at least I was going! My parents actually came with us and got in for free.

The line up was really good. Bands like: Beartooth, Anti-Flag, I Prevail, Hawthorn Heights, Movements and so many more played. The two bands I really wanted to see were Beartooth and I Prevail.

Alex had a couple of his friends going, though I only knew two: Brian who introduced me to Axel (both are in a band called Dad Hat, go check them out). We all met up and it was nice to be able to meet new people through music. To this day we’re all still really good friends.

First band we wanted to see was Movements, but there was another band -Private Instigators – going on before them so we stayed for their set. The name might sound familiar because I’ve interviewed them before and they became friends of mine.

Private Instigators is a local band from Chicago. They played Full Sail stage. At first their sound was interesting, like punk pop, but with an 80s sound to it. That’s something I had never listened to but throughout their set their sound grew on me.

After their set, they were at their tent meeting people. Axel and I went up and we got a picture with Dominick. They were all really sweet. I told them about my blog and they took a picture of the back of my shirt because it had my blog name on it.

Then Movements came on. It was my first time seeing them (I had heard of them but never listened to their music). They had a packed set for that small stage, I was impressed. They really put all their energy into the set when they came out. Looking back at my snapchat story, they started out with ‘Kept’ which really KEPT the crowd going.

Alex and I left their set early to go see Neck Deep but while walking to where they were playing we caught Sylar’s last song. Instead we saw Hawthorne Heights, and right after them was Beartooth.

Beartooth was one band I had to see (it was also my first time seeing them). Their set started, it was super crowded at the main stage. I was all the way in the back and I was like “fuck I got to be front row“. Lucky a pit broke out and I ran towards the front, and I ended up at the barricade. A few songs they played were “Hated”, “Problem”, “Dead”, and “Aggressive”. Everyone was singing along, and I was head banging my heart out. It was a fun time.

Then we saw Being As An Ocean. They were incredible. I had never listened to their music. Brian and his friends are fans of the band. We were almost at front row but kept moving around during the show.

The vocalist, Joel, did an amazing job. He was barely up on stage. I remember he came into the crowd and it was one on one. It was a whole vibe, everyone singing, smiling, and just overall enjoying themselves. People were holding the wire to his mic. He even started crowdsurfing at one point. This is one of my favorite videos I got while he was in the crowd. After watching their set I started listening to them.

I caught a bit of Anti Flag’s set. I enjoyed the time I was there. I did leave early to go get a good spot for I Prevail.

It was my first time seeing I Prevail and I was so hyped. Once again, I was all the way in the back but then a pit broke out and I ended up at the barricade. Tons of energy from I Prevail and the crowd. They started with ‘Come and Get it’. Probably the best song to start the show with, and ended it strong with ‘Scars’.

I had forgot Andy Black was going to be there, but My mom wanted to see him so we stuck around for his set.

His set was pretty good. He sang one of his most well- known songs ‘We Don’t Have To Dance.’ Since his solo project isn’t much screaming or heavy, the crowd was chill, meaning more dancing than moshing (but that didn’t make the set less interesting or boring). It was my second time seeing him, so there wasn’t that much of a difference besides a shorter set.

Throughout the day my mom was sending me pictures of stuff her and my dad got signed for Alex and I. They met Bad Omens and Bless The Fall. They actually checked out Bad Omens set and my mom liked them. That was also her first time seeing a pit. Pretty badass if you ask me. I’m really glad they got to see a part of me that’s my life. And they actually enjoyed themselves too.

The entire day was so much fun. I really love Warped. Kevin Lyman, the founder, does a great job putting together an amazing summer tour that really brings the community together.