Vans Warped Tour ’19 – Chicago

I wasn’t supposed to go to this show because my parents didn’t want to drive me. Lucky I had a good friend going and I tagged along. Plus, it was a hometown show, no way I was missing it.

So my friend, Kyla, and her siblings went. First band we say was As It is. They’ve changed a lot since when I saw them in 2016 with Sum 41. Which isn’t a bad thing but I wasn’t into their set. I don’t listen to their new music so I think that also contributed to me not enjoying the set. Also the crowd wasn’t hypes either.

After As It Is was With Confidence, I wasn’t the biggest fan but they did have a couples songs I enjoyed. They did play on one of the smaller stages but it was packed.

I saw a couples songs from Motionless In White. While waiting for Movements, we caught Real Friends set. For them it was a true hometown show. Real Friends know how to put on a show. The crowd went hard. I think they easily could’ve played a longer set because it was their hometown show. Otherwise their set was super sick.

Movements went on late because it started raining a lot. Every time I’ve seen them they put on one hell of a show. Pretty much the same set as California. Except they didn’t start with ‘Under the Gun.’ Which was a bit sad because I was hyped for it but it didn’t stop is from being a fun set.

After Movements we waited to see Beartooth. Before Beartooth I think Bowling For Soup was on but I couldn’t tell. We did see a couple songs from them. I hadn’t seen them since warped the previous year. We weren’t it the pit for that one. It was inside the amphitheater at the barricade separating the seats and floor. Caleb got a bit emotional, it was their last time playing Warped. The had a dope setlist. Songs from both Aggressive and Disgusting. It was the first time I hear ‘Body Bag’ live. We were head banding, singing along, and it was the best time I had.

After that we called it a night. Doesn’t seem like we saw a lot of bands but it was a good day. I didn’t really take any pictures because it was raining on and off the whole day and I wanted to be in the moment. I didn’t get to see The Amity Affliction or Knocked Loose but hey, Warped in Indiana was only a few days away…