twenty one pilots Indy

First off, I cannot say this enough, but thank you to my friend, Jessi, and her mom, Jodi, for inviting me to twenty one pilots show in Indiana. I’m so grateful to you guys for the opportunity. 

I met Jessi and her mom last year at the tøp date in Chicago. We were together in line, talked, laughed and became friends instantly. We stayed together inside the show. They were even in my video I made for the show (if you haven’t seen it click here to watch it). After the show we stayed in touch. 

Fast forward to June 18th. I got a message from her inviting me to the show in Indy. Right when I read it, a huge smile came on my face, I wanted to cry. It felt unbelievable to me. I called my mom, I said “Ma, guess what?” Like everyone else in the world, they never guess, so I had to tell her. She didn’t believe it at first until I told her who invited me. My parents said yes, I could go.

Last year we handmade mini-flags. This time, we had one week to come up with something and execute it. The idea was to make hearts with the logo on it to hold up during ‘leave the city.’ A similar idea, but also different. We made about 3,000, yep 3,000 hearts. We finished making all of them around 10 pm the night before the show. 

We picked up Jessi and we were off to the show. We started handing out hearts to the front and worked our way back. I gave a little spiel on who I am and what the hearts were for. I ran into a few people who said they had my flag from the Chicago date. Once again, it was amazing to see people’s smiles when we handed them a heart. 

I walked the line and once we got inside the venue, my parents stayed to hand some more out. Both my parents and Jodi went to the show and had seats. Then I took some inside with me to hand them out. I also brought my ‘thank you’ banner I made for last years show. 

I was almost barricade, there was one person in font of me. There were some sweet guys behind me who I asked to hold up the banner. I wish I would’ve gotten their names, but shout out to them! 

When ‘leave the city’ came on, I started recording, and I saw all the hearts go up, I started crying. Like last time with the flags, I was crying but something different hit me this time. This mom that was next to me started hugging me. Tyler mid song said, “I see you.”

Then he came up towards the front near the end of the song, and everyone is singing along, and he’s just looking at the hearts, taking it all in. 

My parents were in the boonies, so they couldn’t really see until they showed the hearts on the big screen. The cool thing is this time around, people both on floor and seats had hearts. 

The next few days after the show, people were messaging me and tagging me in pictures, because I  wrote my Instagram on the back. I was constantly on my phone liking pictures, reposting and writing people back. It was super rewarding. 

Thank you to everyone who held a heart up, if it wasn’t for you this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you Tyler and Josh for an unforgettable night. 

The entire video I took of the song is on my Instagram @smgviews. If anyone didn’t get a heart, DM on Instagram and I’m more than happy to send you some. 

I want to give a shout out to Jessi, Jodi, Emma (my mom), Felix (my dad), Genesis (my older sister), Alexa (my other sister), Vina (my aunt), Oscar, Samuel, Haley, Sara, Kennie, Abby, the guys that held my banner up, all the parents that went with their kids, and most importantly to everyone who has a heart. Thank you!

Here are the pictures I took with people and if you see yourself, message me so I can personally thank you.

I also want to say, never be afraid or shy to talk to people at shows. You should never feel alone. We have a whole community where you can make a new friend, and you also have me. We all go to shows for the same reason. To see the people we love and jam out to some music. If it wasn’t for twenty one pilots, I would’ve never met Jessi and became friends with her or met any of you guys these past shows.