Tr3y 5ive

Looking for a new Hardcore band with some beatdowns? Tr3y 5ive gives you both. The four piece recently created this new project. The members of the band consists of drummer Damien Barbosa, guitarist Mikey Diaz, bassist Dolan Heard, and singer Emy Menna It didn’t take them long to also put out music. Their Ep ‘Another Day Another Beatdown’ is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. 

With each rift their music makes you want to get up and start moving side to side. Underneath all the heavy tunes the band spreads a positive message. “We want to show everyone that you don’t have to dress, dance, talk, or be like anyone to be apart of this hardcore space,” drummer Damien mentions. With shows slowly coming back the band hopes to play their first show soon. Until then jam out to the Ep and give the band a follow. All links will be down below. 

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