The Homecoming "I Owe You Nothing"

Chicago Punk band, The Homecoming have been a band for roughly three years but started to recording 2017/2018. They released their EP “I Owe You Nothing” a few months back. This band took me back when I was little and listening to Simple Plan and The All American Rejects. 

The first song that kicks off the EP is “Summer Nights” starts off with some sick guitar rhythm and goes straight into vocals. The intro the guitar gave me some Belmont vibes but this band for sure has their own sound. The catchy chorus, specifically the lyrics “All those summer nights on your bedroom floor, we took for granted sometimes,” is what hooked me into the song. The fast pace song gave that punk-pop feel to it. And a perfect song to jump around and get into the music.

The second song “Call Me Home” brings the pace down a bit but doesn’t lack the killer riffs and picks it up in the rest of the song. The song title pops up frequently as a lyric in the song. This song definitely seems it’s talking about a memory of some sort, a relationship. The lyrics seem to have a few metaphors in it: “I’ve been twisted in a shape I don’t recognize” ,“I’ve been weighed down to this mattress too long” are a few lines I noticed that in. It adds a unique touch and doesn’t only appear in this song but as well as the others. 

I met with the vocalist, Evan, at their last show and I asked about “Call Me Home” because the song sounds like it’s about a relationship. The music video however tells a different story about the passing of a dog. He mentioned to me that yes, the song is about a relationship but they wanted the music video to have another storyline that also fits the meaning. 

And lastley the song that brings this EP to an end “Pulling Punches.” Beginning lyrics refers to cover art, I felt like I solved a mystery when I caught that. The ending lryic towards the end the slow build up to the “I’m fucking trying” and that part goes hard. Right away it makes you want to get up their and grab the mic and yell along.

I’ve been jamming out to this EP non stop and I know others will enjoy it. Each song has a catchy chorus and even a couple breakdown for all you moshers. I got to hear these songs live and they were incredible. You can also catch some of these songs at their next show Feb 24th at Subterranean in Wicker Park, show poster down below. Make sure you go check them out and stream “I Owe You nothing.” 

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