Si Dios Quiere “Sol y Guerra”

Is it too early to say “Sol y Guerra” has to be EP of the year? From the Southside of Chicago Si Dios Quiere released their new EP “Sol y Guerra” via New Morality Zine. Filled with lots of anger, hurt, and heartfelt, the band is not afraid to tell it how it is. Underneath all the guitars and drums is an underlying story. The use of singing in both English and Spanish showing their roots. Which is something that was seen in their last EP “A Hell Like No Other.”

“Crime Wave” the the first single to be released from the EP giving it high expectations. Not wasting any time getting listeners ready for all the tight riffs and bass. The fast paced song is one to get moving to. Without reading the lyrics it’s given that this song is about police- specifically the Chicago Police Department abusing their power. The music in the song came first and the lyrics followed after video came from the murder of Adam Toledo. 

“Sin Justicia,” if you couldn’t tell, this song is fully in Spanish. It’s about the injustices and struggles that immigrant communities face. It’s fast, to the point and probably the best song to start a circle pit to. 

“When The Laughter Dies” is definitely the heaviest track on the EP. Vocally this song stands out with the mix of screams and growls. Towards the end of the song the lyric “when death awaits,” that scream in particular really stood out and is super clean. The song is about vocalist Ruben Garza losing a friend. This song is different from the rest but still blends in with the others.

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“Desperate Measures” is the longest track on there. The song is about gang life and how people deal with this- or know someone who does. A lot happens musically; it goes from fast paced to slowing down with the heavy drums in the middle of the song. Immediately you will want to start throwing hands, then wanting to two step and then start dancing cumbia. Ending the song with “Cómo Te Voy A Olvidar” by Los Ángeles Azules brings the song to a fun twist. 

The title really stuck with me, “Sol y Guerra,” meaning sun and war. My grandparents left El Salvador with my mom and her siblings escaping a war happening in their country. Coming into this country wasn’t easy with my grandparents having 5 kids. They went through a lot to be here. My parents gave my siblings and I a good life we’re thankful for. We recognize it’s not like that for everyone. Someone can walk around and say they understand us and go through the same hardships but we all got a story. Si Dios Quiere is telling theirs which I applaud and will always continue to support them. I already can’t wait to see what else the band puts out.

Their first show of the year is next month with La Armada, Snuffed, and Juventud Crasa February 26th at Cobra Lounge get tickets here. Pre orders for merch are available on their bandcamp and through NMZ. Pick something up, stream the EP, get vaccinated and go to the show. Estamos aquí para representar. 

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