Set It Off & Tonight Alive- March 1st, 2016

I got these tickets for Set It Off and Tonight Alive as a Christmas present from my parents. I was so excited to go. It was called “The Fight For Something Tour” and the start of the tour was in Chicago. Which was one of the reasons why I wanted to go. Set It Off was a band I really love and enjoy listening to their songs such as Partners In Crime, Horrible Kids, Kill The Lights, and Breath In Breath Out. Unfortunately they didn’t perform those songs. Tonight Alive was a band I didn’t listen to but since I was going to see them I had to hear their music. And I loved them. We all know by now I leave school just to go wait in line for concerts. So my dad picked me up we went to lunch. The show was March 1st still pretty cold outside. We were like the first 10 people in line but it got cold so we went inside a McDonald’s for a bit. So we warmed up then went back in line. Some people showed up but we still had a good place. So I noticed that Danny the guitarist passed by. No one recognized him. I told my dad who that was and he said well when he comes back get a picture with him. Then Danny came out the tour bus and a few people got pictures with him. It was really cold so in the picture I got with him, my nose was so red. But I met him and it was great!!
The two opening acts were Say We Can Fly and The Ready Set. Say We Can Fly didn’t make it to the first night. The Ready Set I knew who they were but didn’t really listen to them. It looked like they had a good time on stage. I enjoyed their set. Tonight Alive was up next. First things first, Jenna has a beautiful voice and hearing her sing live was amazing. I really like their set. It was pretty cool. They all seem like nice people. I would love to meet them.

Oh yeah, going a little off track but I was at JcPenny and they were playing “Drive” by Tonight Alive so I recorded a bit of the song and posted it on Twitter. I think it was later that day the drummer from Tonight Alive- Matt Best liked and retweeted the tweet of the video. When he noticed me on Twitter it was about a year after I saw them live. Just wanted to mention that.

Going back to talking about Tonight Alive’s set well it was one hell of a set. Not only did I enjoyed their set, but my dad also liked it. My dad says he liked the beat of their music. Ever since the show he will ask for me to play “Drive.” It’s cool to share that with my dad. I had a great time. Then came Set It Off.

My dad let me go towards the front so I was almost front row. The stage was about waist level and no barricade, which I loved. Here’s where the good part began SET IT OFF CAME OUT ON STAGE!!!!! Oh my was I happy. I knew every song off of their “Duality” album and so hyped to hear it live. I knew they were going to Set It Off (haha no pun intended).
Anyways, they did a kick ass job. I knew every song they played. Cody, Danny, Zach, and Max all played/sang amazingly. As I mentioned they didn’t perform their old sons that got me into listening to them. When they played “Ancient History” I got a little too happy but hey I was having a good time so it didn’t matter. While they were playing “The Haunting” (I have this cool video I made for that song on my Instagram) I touched Cody’s arm. They had a great set list. Cody crowd surf during one of their songs. Then I went back towards the middle where my dad was. I loved the song they ended with. They ended with “Why Worry” which is also one of my favorite songs. Cody walked on top of the crowd for the ending of that song. That was pretty cool. I loved Set It Off stage attitude. Defiantly something nice to have during a performance. The Ready Set, Tonight Alive and Set It Off all did incredible jobs. For sure bands you have to check out. Can’t wait to see what those bands have in store for us in the future!!