PVRIS- June 2nd, 2016

This was my second time seeing PVRIS, except this was their headlining show. My older sister, Genesis, got me these tickets for me when I graduated Middle School. We went out to eat dinner, then came home. Genesis wasn’t home so my parents had her on FaceTime. They told me to go to my room. Right when I walked in I saw a PVRIS shirt on my bed. My room used to be filled with posters. So I started looking for posters with PVRIS on them. Genesis told me to turn around, I saw a thing on my light switch with the Eiffel Tower taped to that was a paper. I grabbed the paper opened it and saw tickets. I was so confused and didn’t believe I had gotten the tickets for PVRIS. I have pictures of what it looked like down below where you can see my cheesy ass smile.

The concert was the next day and obviously my dad went with me. The opening acts were Lydia, Cruisr, Beach Weather, and Polyenso. My spot in the venue wasn’t too bad. It was barricade but all the way at the end. Honestly I don’t remember the opening acts that much but they were all kind of similar. All four opening acts were intriguing, fun vibe, and cool sound. After one of the opening acts this guy said that Brian from PVRIS was by some stairs. I had gone over to meet him. He was so sweet. I told him that I had seen them when they opened for Bring Me The Horizon. I had gotten a picture with him.

So PVRIS, this was THEIR tour. Before PVRIS has opened up for bands such as Pierce The Veil, Twenty One Pilots and even played at Vans Warped Tour. They played songs from their album called “White Noise.” When they came up on stage it was the greatest. The stage set up was nice. For a majority of their set they had the mirror from the “White Noise” album cover projected in the background.

I had so much fun that night. When I heard them play the song “White Noise” I got really happy. It’s one of my favorite songs by them. I really liked their set list. The second to last song they played was “You And I” which was one of their new songs at the time. I thought that was an amazing song to leave towards the end. If you’ve seen PVRIS live before you should know what song they save for the ending. Here’s a hint…

“Who’s house is it?”

“My House” was the ending song. That is my number one favorite song by them. That’s the song where they get the crowd going, singing along, and jumping. Just that moment when you hear Lynn ask “Who’s house is it” towards the end of the song and hear the crowd yell back “My house” wow, it’s really something. During that song she got down from the stage, came up to the barricade and interacted with everyone. She went from one end of the barricade to the other giving high fives to the crowd including myself. I remember at the end of the song Alex, the guitarist, was tossing his picks. He tossed it towards my dad and I. It hit my dad’s hand and went on the ground. I turned my flashlight on and got it. That was the first time I got a pick at a show. At some point during the show this what Lynn started talking and said,”We never had the opportunity to just put our own show together and come out and play for all you guys. So the fact that we’re in front of you guys right now is absolutely insane..” What she said was taken from a video I had taken. I just loved every part she said. That right there shows how far they have come. Overall all four opening acts were great, PVRIS fucking amazing job. I love the amount of energy among them, they never disappoint.

Now that this is being posted they have another album called “All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell.” I love that album. As of now, they have done another headlining tour for North America, and U.K. Not only that they are doing another headlining show for the cities they have missed.

PVRIS, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m excited to see what’s next for you guys. Always keep Chicago in mind. You guys don’t disappoint neither will Chicago.

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