Nora Marks “Opt Out”

Chicago based band Nora Marks released their latest full length album “Opt Out” on Oct 1st. If you’re a fan of punk and rock, this album is for you. 

The album starts off with “Epiphany I’ve Had Before,” a fast paced song with neat guitar parts. The two minute track gives major Joyce Manor and The Distiller vibes. The simplicity of the lyrics makes it easy to learn and sing along.

“Too Much History” gives off the same feeling as the first song. The little shouts in the chorus brings out the song really giving it that punch. The guitar parts have that punk sound to it. Towards the end it slows down but doesn’t take away from the jumpy song. If you ever played any Tony Hawk skating games, this song could definitely be on the sound track. 

The last song to complete the album “Step Brothers” not as fast as a majority of the album but it will get you dancing. One lyric that stuck out towards the end, “inspiration countered by steady procrastination, left to my own devices planned obsolescence.” As it could be relatable by the listeners. 

The entire album is groovy and refreshing. The songs gave a mix of different genres coming together as a whole. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows. Buy some of their merch. All links will be down below. Most importantly, stream “Opt Out.” 

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