My Thoughts On Eminem’s Diss Track Against Trump

Eminem released “The Storm” a freestyle. This freestyle diss track Eminem made is talking about President Donald Trump and calling him out on the things Eminem and others think, feel, and know is wrong. He made references to things going on in the world today. A few connections Eminem made were about the NFL and Puerto Rico. How Trump gave the NFL more attention than the natural disaster that happened to the people in Puerto Rico. Also when Eminem is talking about Trump sending immigrants back and building a wall. While talking about that Eminem is mocking Trump by changing his voice to imitate Trump’s. I really love when Eminem says, “And if any fan of mine whose a supporter of his, I’m drawing in the sand a line. You either for or against. And if you can’t decide who you like more in your split, on who you should stand beside. I’ll do it for you with this, F*** YOU! The rest of America stand up. We love our military and we love our Country but we F******* HATE TRUMP!”

Eminem, I couldn’t agree anymore. You’re using your platform as an artist to talk about politics. It takes a lot to call someone out on the things you disagree with, and think is wrong. You didn’t give a speech or give a minute video on why you hate Trump. No you said all of this in a creative way. The way of freestyling. The thing you love doing. I applaud you for that. Eminem I stand beside you.

Here’s the video for Eminem’s “The Storm”

I don’t own this video all rights goes to the creator of the video.

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