My Digital Escape- April 16th, 2016

This was also a Christmas present from my parents. Meeting people I watch through a screen is surreal. Unfortunately, MDE broke up, but at least I got the chance to meet them. I got m&g, wait when don’t I??? I remember when I got the tickets it was rolled up and while I was unrolling it there were a bunch of blank pieces of paper tapped to one another. At the bottom of all the papers were the tickets. I was so shocked I started crying went over to my mother and gave her a hug. I tend to cry for concert tickets it’s pretty my thing.

The girl who introduced me into alternative music her cousin went to the show, so her cousin and I met up. Originally my older sister, Genesis, was supposed to go with me instead she got preggers. So my awesome father came with me.

Waiting in line was okay. It took so long, but worth it. The venue was a pretty decent size. One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was a sign that said,”No moshing, no crowd surfing, or you will be kicked out!” For this type of show there wasn’t any of that. The venue gave off a pretty chill vibe. The m&g was set up really nice. Since there were 7 members, a person would go up and hug all of them and then take the picture. Once it was my turn,i was so nervous. I asked the guy taking the picture of he could record while I was hugging them. My dad also recorded it and his video was better than the guy’s. I started crying a little when I got to Shannon. I remember her saying,”Aw, it’s okay.” I hugged the rest of them, I went to the middle to take the picture. But Jeydon told me to turn around and I see Kyle behind me. I had forgotten to hug Kyle. So I gave him a hug then got in between Jeydon and Jordan for the picture. I was walking over to the side then Kyle came up to me and asks to see my phone (I had just got the iPhone SE at the time) and we talked about the phone for like a minute. Then my dad went up to meet everyone also took a picture with them. It was open floor and there was one person in front of me and the girl I met up with.

Secret Tree Fort- He performed first. He played acoustic guitar and sang. I remember he screamed in one of his songs, damn was it great. Also he played drums for everyone that performed.

Sounds Like Harmony- I was pretty excited to see him. His music is good. He performed solo with an acoustic guitar. Shannon joined him for a song they did together.

Jeydon Wale- He’s pretty chill. There’s this one song that I really liked. The way he screamed it was amazing. Sadly I couldn’t catch the name of it. I remember when he got out on stage he started playing Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” it was so funny everyone got so hyped.

Bryan Stars- We all know Bryan as a band interviewer. Then he came out with an EP called “Follow Your Dreams” so that’s what he performed. I felt like he didn’t really know how to act on stage while singing. He seemed a little awkward and stiff. It’s understandable because he never performed music live until his EP came out. Otherwise he did pretty good, his songs told a story, it was cool.

Kyle- He did a comedy act. It was really funny.The crowd was laughing and he seemed to be having a great time on stage.

Johnnie Guilbert- I love his songs. Listening to his lyrics right off the bat you can tell they are meaningful. I feel like it was easy to have a connection with him or relate to his songs. And hearing it live made it better.

Jordan Sweeto- He had tons of energy up on stage. Great voice, and everyone defiantly got into his performance. i only knew like one song from him but his songs were upbeat, very enjoyable.

Alex and Shannon didn’t do an act or performance but as mentioned Shannon joined Sounds Like Harmony up on stage. And Alex introduced Jeydon to the stage. At the end of the show everyone came up on stage started jumping around, interacting with the crowd, there was music playing,and  they all got the crowd moving.

They all did a great job on the tour they did together. I had an amazing time. Even though My Digital Escape broke up each of them has either pursued their passion whether it was YouTube or music.