Motionless In White- Oct 22, 2017

The lineup for this tour was killer. William Control, Miss May I and The Amity Affliction opened up the show. I haven’t seen any of these bands live, so I was really happy to go. Plus it was at the House of Blues, one of my favorite venues in Chicago. My dad and cousin Erika went with me.

We were waiting in line and I noticed Levi from Miss May I walking past the line. In my head I’m like “holy shit I gotta talk to him”. So I called out his name, told him how good their music is, I mentioned to him about my blog and got a picture. He’s a really nice guy!

While waiting in line it got super cold and started raining. Doors still hadn’t opened so everyone was stuck outside, but eventually we got inside the venue. We are standing in the middle of the floor, but the floor isn’t too big so where ever you are, it’s a pretty good view.

William Control former vocalist of the band Aiden (I take it he went solo) but his set was alright. I don’t think too many people new him because the crowd was a bit dry. His music kind of reminded me of pop mixed with EDM. Something along those lines.

Miss May I started and holy shit, they killed it! I’m into their old stuff but they played more of their new stuff at the time. Levi has good vocals live. For being the opening band, they got so many pits started and good ones too!

The Amity Affliction was sick! I wasn’t super familiar with them. I knew a good amount of their songs. By the looks of it everyone was hyped for their set. It gave off good energy from the crowd and the band. Let me tell you, their pits got wild! I didn’t expect that. We had to move more towards the back.

One thing I wanted to do during ‘Pittsburg’ when all the voices towards the end are singing. I tried to get people to hold me up by my feet, so I could be standing and sign that part (because I know Sign Language). It didn’t go to plan. People were trying to crowdsurf me instead. Hey, there’s always next time!

Motionless In White. Oh my, were they incredible. Motionless had a good setlist with a mix of old and newer songs. Break the Cycle, 570, Reincarnate, Necessary Evil, and America were some songs MIW played. Eternally Yours ended the night out, my favorite song and the best song to end the night out. I got up on some guys shoulders during that song which was pretty cool.

The lead vocalist, Chris, he made great use of the stage. He wasn’t just standing in one place. There was a lot going on like the bassist on top of a speaker, girls in costumes on stage holding flags but it wasn’t over done.

An incredible night had came to an end. As always I had one of the best nights. To see three bands I hadn’t seen before was an amazing experience.