Mock Nine ‘Stories From That Night You Can’t Remember’ Review

Back in my song review for ‘Pick Up’ it was anticipated an EP being released. About a week ago, Mock Nine released their EP called ‘Stories From That Night You Can’t Remember’ 

This 5 song EP will for sure be on my playlist for when I’m back at school, walking the halls. 

I’ve been digging the EP. It has its slower song ‘Pick Up’, which was first song released before the EP came out. Along with some faster pace songs like ‘Summer Time’ and ‘Wasted!’

This EP has a song for anybody to enjoy. I’d say it doesn’t lean into any specific genre. It has a mix of indie, jazz and a bit of alternative.

One of my favorites is ‘Mach 9.’ Ever since the first time I heard it, it’s been stuck in my head. It’s catchy, has a smooth vibe, I can just imagine listening to it on the beach.

I highly recommend listening to it. I’ll leave links down below. Here are some thoughts of the EP from a couple of fans.

“It shows all sides of Mock Nine! You have songs like ‘Mach 9’ that are dance rock songs but then you have songs like ‘Summer Time’ that give you a soft some what euphoric feel! This band is going places no doubt! They have such an insane range of songs and vocals.” – Hope Sielaff

Another fan mentions,

“Summer Time [is my favorite] because it’s just like a song I could like vibe with during a summer night; it has kind of like an old time feel to it that like adds to the feel of things being like so simple,” – Toby

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