Mock Nine ‘Paper Boat’

Mock Nine has been on it with these new songs. Today is the release of their new single called ‘Paper Boat’ I got a early preview of it so let’s dive in!

The beginning guitar really brings the song together throughout the entire time. I’m not sure about you but it took me a few listens to tell that there was two vocalists in the song. The two consisted of vocalist Tommy and Franklin Bradly who used to be a member of the band but is currently in College. Both of their voices complimented each other well.

“Paper Boat is a light up beat tune based around a winding theme of of trying to confront someone who is ignoring their personal truth,” Bassist Mac Campbell continues to add, “The song starts out simple expressing the feeling of trying to deal with a narrow minded person who is quick to dig their heels into the ground when presented with contradicting view point.”

The meaning of the song I appreciate quite a bit. That’s not a topic any band wouldn’t necessarily write about. It’s very unique in it’s meaning and lyrics. Which what I admire about the band because they have a variety of songs that anyone can relate to.

At first it was a bit difficult for me to listen to. That’s only because I listen to heavier music. With every listen I started to get more into the song. I’d vibe out to it during classes. If you’re looking for something groovy this is the song to put on.

Mock Nine has a show coming up on Nov 2nd at the Taco Chicago fall fest. I’m looking forward to seeing what the band has in store for the future.

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