Mock Nine New Single ‘Pick Up’

Today, Chicago’s only, Mock Nine came out with a new single called “Pick Up.” I got an exclusive preview of the song. Right away I knew this would be a summer jam. Wether your on the way to work or hanging out with some friends, this is the song to put on.

“That time when you’re waiting for someone to pick up the phone is one of the most anxious points in any new relationship.”

While the song does have a sweet- sounding vibe the lyrics are quite meaningful that people can relate to. We’ve all had that time where we want to talk to that one person and we’re just waiting for them to pick up the phone.

“The chorus ‘please pick up the phone’ is about when someone gets so desperate that they’re forced to beg.”

It stood out how this wasn’t a break up song or your typical relationship song, this was deeper than that. The simplicity of the lyrics and chorus went a long way to make it catchy. At the same time allowing listeners to understand what the song is about.

This is the last single that will be released. We can expect an EP coming out early August called, ‘Story’s from that night you can’t remember.’

‘Pick Up’ is unquestionably going to be added to my playlist. I can’t wait to hear the EP when it comes out.

Mock Nine have an upcoming show on July 19th at the Hide Out. More info on the show poster. All their social media and music links will be down below, make sure you go check them out!

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