Meeting MGK & Beartooth

Yes I did meet both Machine Gun Kelly and Beartooth in the same day. This was the day before I went to the Alternative Press Music Awards in Ohio (next post will be all about the APMAS).

Let’s start with MGK. Well my mom wanted to go to this place called North Market. It’s a place where it has food places inside. The food to me seemed exotic. It’s not your typical burgers and pizza. I really didn’t want to go there but my mom did. So we ended up going. We walked around, checking out what we were going to eat. I had a pretzel but I was waiting in line with my dad and sister.

I really don’t know how I saw him but all I remember is saying to my dad “hold my pretzel.” I don’t remember him grabbing it but I went up to MGK. I said,”Hey!! I’m sorry to bother you but I love you so much. I’m a fan of your music. Do you think we can take a picture?” He said,”Yes!” With a smile. He was with some other girl, I still don’t know who she was but I asked if she could take a picture. She took the picture of us.

Then I asked MGK if he was going to be at the APMAS. He said he was. I said I’ll see you there and thanks. My dad didn’t know who I went up to and he didn’t ask who it was. After I was done talking with MGK, I went back over to my dad and started crying. I really don’t know what hit me but I was balling my eyes out.

My mom was somewhere else getting food so I went to go find her, still crying. I saw her and I couldn’t really get my point across what had just happen. Then she started asking “What the fuck happen???” So then I showed her the picture. First thing she said was he was right next to me. Yes, MGK was standing next to her and she didn’t recognize him. Before I came up to her, she saw this girl working at one of the food places, and she was screaming. My mom thought there was a rat but then she saw me coming over also crying. Then she put two and two together that I had met someone. My mom told me go talk to the girl. I asked the cashier if I could go in to talk to her (still crying just a bit) and she looked at me weird and gave me a nod. I go up to the girl and show her the picture of MGK and I. Then she started crying even more. She didn’t get a picture because when she saw him, she froze and started crying. Her and I were both crying at her job, over MGK. It was great. Random place to run into someone famous, right? By the way my mom tells the story of how I met MGK so well it’s too funny!!

So then I left. My family and I went to go eat. Out of no where the same girl that I had just met, came up to me with her friend. I guess the friend didn’t believe her she saw MGK so I showed her the picture I got with him. The friend freaked out and then asked which way he went. I didn’t really know. I thought it was funny they came to find me. Right away I posted it on my social media. Actually fun fact, the picture of MGK and I is my second most like picture on Instagram next to Beartooth and I being my most like picture.

A few hours later, I knew I would see Beartooth up close but I didn’t know I would actually get to meet them. I remember there was a post from AP that Beartooth was going to be in something called a MI Conversation Series. Which is where they sit down with a band to interview them. Fans are allowed to be there. It was like in a auditorium. This was way before I started doing interviews. Right of the bat the guy who did the interview did a really nice job. He knew his facts. I remember one the guys from the band were talking about a show they had gone to and the interviewer knew exactly what show it was. It was obvious he knew a lot about music. The interview was about over an hour.

My mom still wasn’t the biggest fan on their music because of the screaming. My family went with me to the interview. At the end the guy said that fans can make a line and ask the band a question. I wasn’t prepared for this at all. A lot of people went up to ask questions. I was so nervous. My hand and knees were shaking. My voice always gets higher when I’m nervous. My question wasn’t well thought out. Since it was the day before the APMAS, I asked how it felt being nominated for two awards? They answered (here is the video of the interview in case you want to check it out). Caleb said he like my shirt. Also during the interview, the guitarist, Kamron, was talking about his first show he ever went to as a teen, was with his mom. And my mom yelled out “there’s nothing wrong with that” and he replied “of course not” and gave her a nod. 

Once the interview was officially done. The interviewer said that the band is going to leave and that no one would meet them. I think it was for the video because once they walked off stage, I’m assuming the video ended, they came back to meet people. I had brought my ‘Aggressive’ CD just incase I met them. In the CD it opened in fours so each square had a photo of them in it. I met Caleb first, gave him a hug, mentioned I love their music. I asked if he could sign my shirt and CD. Also I got a picture with him. I told him that I’d see him the next day at the APMAS.

I remember Caleb asked one of the guy for a sharpie but none of them had any. So my mom pulls some out and said,”Which color?” Caleb said,”Oh wow options!” Then he took one. Next I met the old guitarist, Taylor, he as well signed my CD and shirt. My dad went to the bathroom, a minute later he came back an said the other two guys in the band were outside. We headed outside the room and there they were. I went up to them, asked for them to sign my shirt and CD. Got a picture with the both of them. All of them were really sweet. They seemed appreciative to see that people stuck around to meet them. And people have a small conversation with them too. 

Right after I got done meeting Beartooth I noticed on my phone that MGK like the picture on him and I on twitter. Also the bassist from Beartooth like the picture of me and them on Instagram. So it was pretty cool to not only meet them in person but also have them notice me on social media. Being able to meet both MGK and Beartooth in one day was amazing. Definitely one of the many highlights that happened while I was in Ohio.