Metallica- June 18, 2017

This concert was unexpected. The same friend that came with me to the last Twenty One Pilots show, Danny, invited me to go see Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Two bands I’ve never seen live before. Avenged Sevenfold is his favorite band. I was so down for the show. It was a different experience. To put things into perspective, Metallica is a band my grandpa listened to growing up. Being able to see them was something else.

It was also my first time going to Soldier Field. It was in the summer time, warm weather. To top things off it was father’s day. I know were such great children…

We were across the stage all the way in the back, first level seats. My cousin, Erika and her mom went to the show. We had no intention of going together but somehow their seats were a few aisles down from us.

The opening band was Local H, their from Chicago. At first when they started playing I thought they were doing soundcheck. It was just a drummer and guitarist. They didn’t introduce themselves. About like 20 min into their said they finally said who they were. For being kind of a small band, it was cool to see a larger band like Metallica bring them out for a couple shows.

Avenged Sevenfold was up next. M. Shadows has an incredible voice. Their set was short but their songs are pretty lengthy so it didn’t seem short at the same time. They sang their classics like Almost Easy, Nightmare, The Stage and Hail To The King. I remember when they sang Hail, M. Shadows said,”We’re not chanting hey its hail.” Then everyone starting chanting hail, hail, hail. That was my favorite part of their set.

Now, Metallica. There was so much energy not only from the band but the crowd. From what I saw, everyone in that 61,500 stadium was standing. They started with their song ‘One’ and played a lot of their OG songs along with their newer ones. everyone was signing along

One part I remember is when Master of Puppets came on everyone yelled “Master! Master!”

Metallica blew my mind though, like I mentioned this is a band my grandpa listened to. Being able to see them was incredible, definatly one for the books. It’s not too often an opportunity to see Metallica comes a lot. I’m really glad I was able to go with a good friend of mine.

It was night time and they had cool lighting affects and it made the sky have this trippy vibe to it. Another part of the show I’ll never forget. On the big screen the camera people zoomed into James Hetfield’s guitar pick. Hetfield flipped his pick to the other side and it was the Chicago flag. Man the crowd went wild.

I said that my cousin Erika and her mom went. So I’m going to give Erika the spotlight and let her share her experience at the show.

As a child, I was always into 80’s rock music such as Jon Bon Jovi, KISS and Motley Crue. As soon as I heard Metallica announce their tour June 18, 2017 I begged my mother to go because they are once in a life time. They are legendary and if I didn’t get a chance to see them then my mom would always say “they will come back, and you will thank me”. 

That day I remembered when I got my tickets to see them, we were sitting on the row one section 2 because we were directly facing the stage getting a good view of them otherwise, it would’ve been a nose bleed. The opening band who was opening for Metallica was Avenged Sevenfold another childhood band that I got see. I cried because I was so excited to see Matt shadows performing! These guys got me through the tough times in high school and still today they do.

Although I was mostly there for Metallica But, Metallica is sure old ass hell but definitely can satisfy their audience. They played songs from their newest album called “Hardwired” they kept the same rhythm which was interesting because you would think that they would change their music. The best part of the concert was that they put all of their energy and effort to pump up Chicago’s audience. Better yet, when they performed Master of the Puppets, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Enter Sandman everyone is cheering, throwing their fist up in the air and singing to the lyrics. It gave my mom and I the chills because we never have experienced that at any concert. This concert will always be my favorite one and I cannot wait to see them one more time if I do get the chance. 

Without a doubt I’d go see them again. Hey Erika, maybe next time we can be in the pit. That’d be insane.

Not only did Dany and I have an amazing night so did Erika and her mom. It was really nice to see Erika and her mom share that bond and go see Metallica together. Shit, if my mom went she would’ve been on her phone playing candy crush. The show was a straight up 10/10, it didn’t matter that we weren’t front row because we still had fun.