Five Finger Death Punch- May 12th, 2018

Bad Wolves, Star Set and Five Finger Death Punch? You know this show would be insane. I had never seen any of them live. They weren’t coming to Chicago but Wisconsin wasn’t too far.

Lucky, I have an aunt, Vina, who lives close to Milwaukee and she loves me so much, she took me to the show. She might of had no other choice because my dad didn’t want to go. She listens to Rob Zombie, Drowning Pool, Marylin Manson, all that good stuff. Our first show together!

Fast forward to the day of the show. I had never been to The Rave, a popular venue in Milwaukee. We got to the show semi- early, didn’t wait in line too long. We got inside the venue and didn’t have bad spots. Pretty close to the barricade.

Bad Wolves went up first. Right off the bat, their energy was intense. The vocalist, Tommy, was all over the stage. The crowd was jamming out. Diamante joined in for their song ‘Hear Me Now.’

I didn’t know any of their songs. One of their popular songs ‘Zombie’ (a cover from the Cranberries) was the one song I did know. Everyone knew that song. Tommy hopped in the crowd during the ending of the song. I knew if they ever did a headlining tour, I’d go.

Star Set played after. Honestly, I wasn’t the biggest fan. The lights were annoying, you couldn’t see them. Along with strong smoke machines. As it is, people are out of breath from moshing or singing their hearts out. The smoke made it 10x worse. All of it was distracting from the music.

Despite all that, from what I was able to catch, they’re music was alright. To me, it was unique. Not so much the sound but the band themselves. One of the members was a violinist, something along those lines. Which you don’t see in bands.

Five Finger Death Punch! Goddamn, they blew my mind. Nothing but pure energy. Vocalist, Ivan Moody, sounds the same when you see him live to as if you were listening to them through a speaker.

A lot of classics were played. Bad Company, Wrong Side Of Heaven, Remember Everything, Lift Me Up, Burn MF, Wash It All Away. Got Your Six wasn’t played. That surprised me a little but the set list was still killer.

During ‘Remember Everything’ Ivan got mostly all the kids at the show, up on stage with him. A bit shocking to see the amount of kids that were there. He also played the piano for ‘Gone Away,’ I’m pretty sure that was the song.

During the entire set, I was singing along and head banging. Overall just having the best time so was my aunt. From where I was standing not too many pits happened. There was a decent amount of crowdsurfing going on.

At the end of the set Ivan came out to apologize for making it short. I didn’t think it was a short set. He came down to the barricade and started to meet people. I was able to get my hat signed by him. For being a big band, I’m impressed with how he gave a one on one interaction. I also got one of Zoltan’s pick.

It was a great experience seeing Five finger Death Punch especially out of state. Different people, new vibes, and older audience. Not too many kids my age were there. I really disliked the drunk people during the show, it was annoying. Anyways, Five Finger Death Punch did not disappoint.