Falling In Reverse- May 29th, 2015

   I was in 7th  grade when I went to see Falling In Reverse, my first show within the alternative scene. I was so stoked on seeing them. This band called Ghost Town opened up for them. Falling In Reverse performed “Dying Is You Latest Fashion” an album Ronnie wrote when he was in Escape The Fate. The band offered meet & greet, which I got.
     As expected m&g started late. But over all meeting the band was great experience. My sister (Genesis) and cousin (Erika) came along to the show and met them too. Right when I saw them I was so nervous. When it was my turn to go up, I asked Ronnie (lead singer) for a hug. He nodded his head and said sure. Unfortunately he kept his hands in his pocket, so he didn’t give me a full hug. But I understood why. I gave my phone to the guy to take a picture and my phone froze so the guy couldn’t take it.
     I went back three times because my phone kept freezing until the third time the guy took the picture on snapchat. We got a signed tour poster. After m&g I wouldn’t shut up about me giving Ronnie a hug and meeting them. I couldn’t be front row on the floor, but I had a good place to see everything.
     When Ghost Town came on, it was amazing. Great band that gives their all in shows. Then Falling In Reverse came on to preform “Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.” Woah that was so much fun because I was on the floor for that performance and yep I fell in love with being on the floor. While they were performing Dying Is Your Latest Fashion they had great stage attitude. Sound was pretty good, very loud which I enjoyed. Then came Falling In Reverse. I was so excited because they were going to preform songs from their album “Just Like You.” We went to the balcony when they came on. And during the first song from “Chemical Prisoner” my sister noticed the drummer from Ghost Town (Manny) not too far from us. So I got a sharpie out and went over asked for a picture. After we took the picture he signed my shirt. I told him that they played a good set that I really enjoyed it. There wasn’t a single moment when I wasn’t singing along. Ronnie is so funny on stage. Their stage set up was pretty cool. It was a circus theme since the name of the tour was “Ronnie Radke’s Three Ring Circus.” Falling In Reverse can put on a show. For it being my first alternative concert… it was the best!

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