Falling In Reverse- Dec 8th, 2015

I didn’t have a Facebook (now I do). So I use to use my mothers. I was on Alternative Press page. I saw a post that said something along the lines of,”Win a pair of tickets to Falling In Reverse’s Super Villains Tour, share and comment your favorite song by them. Winners will be messaged Sunday night (Dec 4th, 2015).” I’m pretty sure I entered on a Friday which would have been Dec 2nd. Sunday night came and nothing so I assumed someone had already won the tickets. Then during lunch, I got a text from my mom. It was a screenshot of a message from Alternative Press magazine that said I won the tickets.

I was with a few of my friends of course they didn’t know who I was going to see but they saw how excited I was. Right when I saw the picture I called my dad and he said,”Hey Attila!” (Attila was one of the opening acts).

My dad went with me. The rest of the day I couldn’t focus in school (who does anyways) the fact that I had just won tickets blew my mind. I went home so happy. I wore this Attila my sister Genesis had gotten me for my birthday which was Dec 3rd. Then my mom, her friend, and my sister drove my dad and I to the venue. Assuming We Survive, Metro Station, and Attila were the opening acts for Falling In Reverse. Unfortunately, we missed Assuming We Survive’s act, but I bet they did a good job. We were there for the rest of the show. I’m not sure if it was me or I didn’t know that Trace Cyrus and Miley Cyrus were related. I just thought it was a coincidence in last names.

Well Metro Station was great. Live Trace and Mason have incredible voices. I understood why but I wished Ronnie would have come out to sing “Getting Over You” with Metro Station. I also didn’t know they sang the song “Shake It” until that night. I remember that song used to be my moms ringtone years ago. Really good performance from Metro Station.

After their set they were at the merch table to meet people. Of course knowing me I had to meet them. By the time it was my time to meet them Attila was about to come on so they had to leave. They were still going to be at the merch table after Attila’s set. I was so happy to see Attila. Fronz wasn’t there because that’s when his second son was born. Jayden Panesso vocalist from Sylar filled in for Fronz. They did an amazing job. I got so into their set.

When “Middle Fingers Up” came on I think I had a little bit too much fun. Let me tell something I didn’t go in Attila’s pits but they looked like so much F****ING FUN!!!!!! Jayden did a nice job filling in for Fronz. I loved when they were singing “Party With The Devil” and everyone was yelling “666 PARTY WITH THE DEVIL B****.” Woah was that fun. After Attila’s set I met Metro Station and they signed one of my tickets and I got a picture with them. I told them my dad came with me. They shook his hand and said to me,”You’ve got a cool dad!”

So after I met Metro Station I went to go meet Chris and Kalan from Attila because they were also at their merch table doing signings. So I had to go meet them.

Here’s a little background story, I went to Texas earlier that year. My family and I went to this place in Dallas called The Stock Yard. I was wearing an Attila shirt and this lady comes up to me asking if I was a fan. Obviously I said yes! She said to me she’s good friends with the band. She asked to take a picture with me and she would show it to them. Ever since then I knew if I saw or met Attila I would show them the picture of the lady and I. So when I was at the merch table they signed my ticket and shirt. Then I moved over next to Chris and I was telling them about the lady while he kept signing other people stuff. Chris said they know a lot of people so he would have to see the picture. I didn’t have the picture neither did my dad so we called my mother to see if she had it and nope once we got home the picture was on my dads old phone.

Chris and I talked for a good few minutes. We said goodbye then I left the merch table. I forgot to get Chris to sign my shirt. So I went back and ask him to sign my shirt. Then he said,”Sure we got caught up in our conversation.” Such nice guys.

Then it was time for Falling In Reverse. This was my second time seeing them in one year. Pretty much the same set. Obviously not the exact same but similar. This time Ronnie was more involved with the crowd which was good. This next part I didn’t see my dad did. He saw someone throw a shoe at Ronnie and Ronnie had caught it and threw it back in the crowd. Which I found really messed up. You go to a show to enjoy it not to start something.

I really liked how during “Bad Girls Club” they had everyone sit down on the floor until the chorus came on. Once the chorus came on everyone got up and started jumping. That was one of my favorite parts of the show.

Overall the show was fun. Got to meet some cool band members. All three performances had energy and great set lists. Defiantly would recommend seeing Metro Station, Attila, and Falling In Reverse in concert.