El Famous "Cycles"

The one and only El Famous released an album called “Cycles” a few months back. The Chicago rock band dug deep into the making of this album so let’s dive in!

The album consists of personal experiences. There was no time wasted into the deepness of the album starts off with “Trance.” This song definitely caught my attention. The intro starts off with a mystery sounding vibe. On the other hand, the song has a very close story to it. 

“The song starting with trance tells a story about someone who just survived a suicide attempt. And how they are working their way back into life and trying to get things figured out again.” Says vocalists, Kevin Singleton. 

In the lyrics you can hear how this topic is shown. “Relaxing now, but I start to feel the heat.” Referring to the part about trying to get back on your feet but it can be hard. The lyrics are well written and it’s not a hidden message what the song is about. It seems like the lyrics are talking about feelings related to surviving such a hard time in your life. 

One of my favorite songs off the album is “Back to Where the Dream Was.” I can’t pinpoint what about it I really enjoy but the message of being alone. That message always sticks out to me I think being the fact that I can connect with it. The title pops up as a lyric in the song. And keeps going back to that message about going back to where the dream was. Which I interpreted as a place where everything felt right. 

On “Sleep” there is a feature from Dan Marsala from the band Story Of The Year. Another amazing song. The start of the song goes hard. Instantly starts with screaming and then slows down a bit and picks back up in the chorus. Towards the middle/end of the song that’s when we hear Dan come into the song. And his vocals mixed into the song brings it together. 

The rest of the song are just as amazing as the ones I spoke about. The album is definitely worth a listen front to back. A lot of hard work and thoughtfulness has gone into the making of the album and it’s clearly shown. 

It hits on some heavy topics about suiside and being alone and this album shows that there are others out there going through similar things and to show you’re not alone. I could tell some of the songs were about feeling alone and I think that’s something a lot of people, including myself, can relate to. I applaud Kevin for putting something so personal out there. 

As mentioned go check out the album, music links will be down below along with social media. As of now no upcoming shows but keep your eyes out for one! 

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