E-Town Idol 2017 Review

I would like to start off by saying thank you to my high school for giving me the opportunity to write about my schools talent show but be able to speak about my blog to everyone. Here’s a bit of what I said,”Tonight is a night all about talent. music lets people express themselves through singing, dancing, and spoken word. The greatest thing about music is that there’s no boundaries, no race, no color and no age. Music brings people together. Music is one large community but within that are smaller ones. I listen to Alternative Rock and I felt alone because no one I knew listened to it. Then I found a community where i didn’t feel alone anymore. A place where I found others like me. Music gives each and everyone a place to feel welcomed…”

To everyone that performed great job, you guys put hard work into your performances and gave it your all. Now here’s my review of each performance.

  • Jazmine Dreller Vocal/Instrumental Perf.- She wrote a original song. She was singing and playing the piano. The lyrics to her song sounded very meaningful. Which I thought was really nice. It was an amazing job.
  • Kaitlyn Venturina & Mahalia Jackson Group (vocal) Perf.- Both voices together were great. They both got into their performance especially when they got the audience involved. I like how they didn’t stay in one place the entire time. They moved around used their stage space.
  • Ashanti Cole-Stallworth Spoken Word- Woah was this one really good. I loved how she rhymed. I could relate to what she saying. The tittle she gave the piece, was called “Bad Friend.”
  • Brianna Rosemond Solo (vocal) Perf.- She had a slide show playing behind her of pictures showing people and LGBTQ+ etc. I don’t know the song but the lyrics were meaningful. Her singing was beautiful. I liked how she started her performance sitting in a chair and ended it sitting in a chair.
  • Nia & Nykel Himrod Dance I love how they used older songs and incorporated older dances as well. They were on beat, I didn’t see a time where they were off beat. I saw that they were smiling which was good. Definitely saw that they had a great time up on stage.
  • Isabella Chiocca Solo (vocal) Perf.- The red dress she wore fit the song she sang. I love how the crowd started waving their arms. That high note at the end was amazing.
  • Chanel Scott & Ariel Redmond Vocal/Instrumental Perf.- They did Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I enjoyed how it was only singing and the piano. Her singing was great. I like how she didn’t stay in one spot while singing. Not only did the both of them get into their performance so did the audience.
  • Phillip Boyd & Bryce Dean Rap- First off, fabulous stage attitude. They got the crowd included. I like how they started rapping without music then music came on. One of them ran through the crowd to get everyone hyped. It was great!
  • Shanice Green Solo (vocal) Perf.- I like how she didn’t start on stage, she came through the crowd. She also had a slide show of pictures and those pictures gave a powerful message, along with her song. Her high notes were fantastic. It looked like she had a good time on stage.
  • E-Squad Steppers Special Performance- Wow, freaking amazing job. I loved it. They showed dancing in a different way.
  • D.I.M.E Special Performance D.I.M.E stands for Dance Is My Everything. It is a kids dance group. It was really cute to see all these kids dancing. Very enjoyable.
  • Claudia Steinke Solo (vocal) Perf.- She had great vocals full of facial expressions. She got into her performance. Great use of her stage space.
  • Otis Campbell Rap- He got the crowd going. They were using their phone flashlights, the crowd was singing along, and he had amazing stage attitude. The lyrics of the song were powerful and gave a message. He got off stage and went through the crowd.
  • Shades Of Beauty Dance- I really loved how they included culture in the music they had in the background and in their clothing. It was different. They had tons of energy. And they looked like they were having fun on stage.
  • Kristen Mendoza Solo (vocal) Perf.- She did a mash-up of Bruno Mars Grenade and Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball. It was creative and these two songs worked well together. Incredible voice. The transitions between the two songs were smooth. Also amazing stage attitude.
  • Kathlyn Etyem Solo (vocal) Perf.- She had a wonderful voice. It definitely looked like she had a great time up on stage. Great stage performance.
  • Nakaiya Bias Spoken Word- I like how she talked a little bit about history, her life and brought up really good topics about things that are going on around the world today.
  • Madaline Rodriguez Vocal/instrumental Perf.- I really loved how she played the ukulele. It stood out from others which was great. The audience was included. And she had a great voice.
  • Janiah Taylor Dance- She performed a solo dance and it was amazing. I like how she spent time on each part of the stage. Her stage attitude was great!
  • Ellen McKean Solo (vocal) Perf.- She had a slide show of pictures of the military, protests, homeless people etc. Those pictures made a connection with the song. She had an excellent voice, her high notes were on point.
  • Darielle Wheeler Vocal/Instrumental Perf.- She was playing the cello and had two other kids with her. One also playing the cello and other other playing the piano. It was also different which I enjoyed. I like how she also incorporated singing with the cello and piano. It was very well played.

The winners of E-Town Idol were Claudia Stenke, Otis Campbell, Shades Of Beauty, Nakaiya Bias, and Darielle Wheeler. Once again huge thanks to my school for letting me do this. And to every body that performed each and everyone of you killed it. I loved every performance. Can’t wait to see what next years E-Town Idol is going to bring!!