The shoegaze, dreamy, alternative band, Commoner is a band for everyone. If you’re big on laid back dancy type of sound, this is a band for you. The trio is based out of Tucson, Arizona. Romin Mattison (Vocals/Guitar), Matthew Bryant (Bass), and Isaac Stockton (Drums) are the ones who make up the band. 

“I think we all want Commoner to be a place of safety for people to have fun at our shows, but also feel recognized for who they are.” – Romin Mattison.

As of now the band only has one single out “Japanese Apartments.” That single was released back in August of this year. There isn’t anything new that’s released yet. Although I hope to see some new jams to be out soon. “Japanese Apartments” is holding some high expectations as I was a fan of the single. You can definitely catch a show of theirs around Arizona. Fingers crossed for Commoner to make their way to the Midwest. Make sure you go check them out. All their links will be down below. 

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