Broken Vow “Sane Minds End”

Hardcore band Broken Vow from all over the Northeast just released their latest EP last month “Sane Minds End.” The young band is currently signed to Sunday Drive Record. Recently the band and lable has teamed up with New Morality Zine to release their EP. 

First track “Illusion” starts off with a heavy vocals wasting no time showing off their skills. In this song it’s not only focused in that hardcore sound. You get a taste of metal influences from listening. It doesn’t take away from the 90s hardcore feels. It’s refreshing to see this band pull different genres into one sound without it being overpowering. 

Which leads into the next couple tracks “Poison Peddling” and self-titled “Broken Vow.” Both songs have fast drums and guitar that brings out the vocals. Not only in these tracks but all of them there’s a consistency of clean vocals. In “Broken Vow” the little guitar part nearing the end really finished the song off strong.

Leaving “Your Fate” to bring the EP to an end. The drums in this are super tight. Lyrically this is one of my favorites. The simplicity of it yet knowing it has a meaning really stands out. The last verse, “no more dependence, no more escape, free from the man-made gallows, this is my fate.” That verse brought the song and EP to a full circle. 

Whether you’re swinging your arms or two stepping, there’s a song for anyone a fan of hardcore to enjoy. There is never a dull moment while listening to each song. The young band has tons of potential and is one to keep on your radar. They’ve opened up for Wilkes-Barre hardcore band One Step Closer. That’s just the beginning. Broken Vow has Midwest run alongside hardcore band Spaced coming up next week. All dates will be down below as well as all music and social media links. 

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