Bring Me The Horizon- Oct 13, 2015

“Sophie if PVRIS comes to Chicago, you can go see them.”
“Really mom!!!!! They’re coming to the Aragon in October opening for Bring Me The Horizon.”
“If you go with your dad, then I will let you go.”
My mom and I were watching PVRIS perform “My House” at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour on YouTube while that conversation was going on.
Wow, when she told me that I could go I was in tears. I didn’t care if my dad came with me, all I knew was that I was going.
     About a month later we went to the venue to buy the tickets. (Side note; but tickets at the venue there is no service fees.) My dad, sister (Genesis), her boyfriend (Christhian), his little brother (Alex) and my cousin Erika came along to the concert with me.
Then came the day of the show. Obviously I left school early. We waited in an alley next to the venue. There was a good amount of people in line already. I was with my mom, my sisters, dad, Erika waiting in line. These two bands called PVRIS and Issues were the opening acts. Before the show, my parents (mostly my mom) said I wasn’t allowed to go on the floor that I had to stay in the balcony. Once inside the venue, there was an open area by the barricade. So i asked my dad us we could go on the floor and he said,”sure.”
Genesis, Christhian were on the balcony with Alex because he had dislocated his knee. While waiting for the opening acts I met these two people, Jd and Liz. Such nice people. Shout out to them. Hey come back to     Chicago to go to another concert together sometime!
So PVRIS was great. They kept the crowd entertained. Lynn has an amazing voice it’s unbelievable. Next was Issues. Damn, were they good. They had so much energy during their set. When they came on that’s when the pushing, shoving and pits started. During one of their songs Michale came up to where I was. I couldn’t reach him but this security guard grabbed my hand and Erika’s and put it on Michale’s upper thigh. I was happy. That security guard was one of the nicest I’ve met thus far. When Issues played “Never Lose Your Flames” I got so happy. I was singing along while head banding it was fantastic. Then came the band everyone was there to see the beginning of “Doomed” came on. Most pits everywhere. The band had the best stage attitude they included the crowd. For me including the crowd is really important as an artist because you want to connect with your fans. Then “Happy Song” came next. If anyone has seen any videos of BMTH “Happy Song” you know Oli sees how many mosh pits we can make. Well we did pretty damn good if you ask me. My dad, Erika and I were holding onto the barricade because we didn’t want to lose our places. Then the third song comes on “Go To Hell For Heavens Sake.” Half way through the song we had to get out of the pit. The guards took us out. Since Genesis was on the balcony she saw the guard taking Erika out so she ran downstairs crying (I was already taken out the pit) to ask me if everything was okay. Which everything was perfectly fine it’s just that the floor got to be too much. We went up to the balcony and I sat next to Alex in the chairs.
Then this little boy like 8 or 9 was peeking over me to see the stage. So I got up and have him my seat. Let me tell you this little kid was singing along, he even stuck his middle finger up during “Antivist.” Alex and I saw his finger go up so did ours.
     The rest of the show on the balcony was amazing. Such a great view. From the balcony you could see people smoking, and see how big the pits got. Overall Bring Me The Horizon put on a 10/10 show. Defiantly I’d see them again. After the show my parents took Erika home. Then Christhian, Genesis, Alex and I went to go eat tacos. If Bring Me The Horizon is ever coming near you, go see them. PVRIS, Issues, and Bring Me The Horizon, you guys did a super good job! Keep up the good music. You’re always welcomed to come back to Chicago.