Beartooth- Disease tour

Beartooth, Knocked Loose, and Sylar were on the same lineup back when Beartooth did their ‘Disease’ release tour and it was at the House of Blues. There was no way I would’ve missed it. Beartooth is a band I’ve been listening to for years now. Sylar is a dope band and the mix of rapping, singing and screams blend in so well. And Knocked Loose who are one of my favorite hardcore bands. I went with a couple of my homies: Alex, Nathan and Brian (he’s the vocalist for Dad Hat. Go check them out because they have rad music). 

Sylar was the opening band and this was my first time seeing a full set from them. This was around the time they released their record “Seasons.” I wasn’t too familiar with it, but they played their more known songs: “All Or Nothing,” “Dark Daze,” “Soul addiction.” — “all the best songs to mosh to which is exactly what we did when they came on. 

Photo by Tim Cayem

Knocked Loose played next and, as always, they went hard. Still the same set list they had was a bit longer. “Oblivious Peak,” “Blood Will Have Blood,” “Last Words,” and I’m pretty sure they played “the Gospel.” That song was actually the song that got me into Knocked Loose. It just so happened that was the first song I clicked on by them. They played “By the Grave” which wasn’t released yet. This time around, I was hoping to see more two stepping rather than push moshing. Two stepping just goes better to a band like them but it was a mix of both. 

I crowd surfed a couple times during their set and I ended up in the band’s photo. During “Counting Worms,” the pit opened up and there were a few people swinging their arms, including myself, and then the breakdown hit and I got wrecked. Overall, I had the best time watching these guys. 

Then, Beartooth went on and it was my first time seeing a full hour set from them. I knew those pits would get crazy fast so we skipped out on the pits for them. I knew every song and the set list was a mix of their past few albums. This was the tour for their release of “Disease” so most of the set list would have songs from the new release. They played “Bad Listener,” “Disease,” and “You Never Know,” long with songs from their previous albums “Hated,” “Sick of Me,” Aggressive,” “Body Bag, “’Beaten in Lips,” and they ended with “In Between.” The singalongs were just insane. Everyone in that crowd knew all the songs.

There was never a dull moment from any of the bands or the crowd. This show hands down one of my favorite sets from Beartooth. I think that was because it was my first time seeing them at one of their own shows, and not at a fest.  I’ll never get tired of seeing them.