Bad Wolves- June 8th, 2018

From Five Finger Death Punch to this show was about a three week difference. As mentioned in my last post, I had just heard of Bad Wolves. Little did I know they were doing a headlining tour with Diamante and From Ashes to New, along with local band Qualia as the opener.

It was at one of my favorite venues, Bottom Lounge. I was almost barricade, there was only one person in front of me. Qualia was up first. I really dig their music, it was a mix of singing and screaming. Not too much to say since their set was short.

Diamante came in strong with her rock sound. During her set I could see a lot more people getting into her set. I didn’t know any of her songs. I was glad to see they had a female performer on the bill.

From Ashes To New, they blew my mind. I knew a couple of their songs but I didn’t know what to expect seeing them live. I enjoyed the mix of screaming, rap, and singing they have in their songs.

Bad Wolves, straight up I didn’t like it. I’m not sure if it was because they were headlining so it’s a different vibe. The crowd for sure played a huge role in me not liking it. It was way different from when I saw them in Wisconsin. I get it, two different shows, different states.

There were older people, not so many kids my age. Barely any pits happened.

Although the crowd was ass, it sure didn’t stop the band from their amazing energy they always have. All of the songs performed were from their album ‘Disobey.’ Diamante joined them for their song ‘hear me Now.’

They ended the set with their iconic cover of ‘Zombie.’ I always love hearing that song last. It the best song to bring the night to an end. I tried to get up and do the song in sign language, didn’t work out. I mean there’s always next time.

Tommy always comes up to the barricade towards the end of the song. And he grabbed my hand. Probably the one time the crowd actually got into the set.

Despite the lack of energy from the crowd that brought the mood down. Every band gave it their all and still put on a sick ass show!