Authentic Pines New EP ‘Mother Naysayer’

Authentic Pines set the bar high with their very first EP ‘Better Broken.’ The band is coming in hot with their sophmore EP ‘Mother Naysayer’ which released Oct 5.

“Better Broken” was the bands first EP that has songs filled with emotions. Now with their second EP, “Mother Naysayer” out it’s full of storytelling and energy.

Before the release of the EP singles were released building up the anticipation. “Waiting For You”, “Dirty Shoes” and “Daisy Chain” built up the high expectations for the EP. And let me say, they have one hell of an EP out. I’ve been jamming to it since it came out.

“Another Night” is one of the slower songs from the EP and it’s one of my favorites. I can’t pinpoint what about it but it sticks out. The subtleness of the instruments aren’t overpowering the vocals which allows you to closely pay attention to it. Which continues throughout the song.

Throughout “Slackline”, “Dirty Shoes”, “Daisy Chain”, and “Sink” the band continues with the energetic fast songs. “Dirty Shows” adds a interesting touch with the vocalist, Joel, and guitarist Nathen, going back and forth singing in the chorus. It’s creates a rich contrast makes the lyrics pop out more. Along with “Daisy Chain” having a deep meaning about losing a pet, something that a lot of people go through. The lyrics of that song truly tell a story and are relatable.

You can catch some of these songs live at their show with Fredo Disco, Tampa, and Camp Edwards at the ct house this Friday (show poster down below). Even though this EP is fairly new, I cannot wait to see what else they have planned! Go stream “Mother Naysayer.”

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