Andy Black June 18th, 2016

I find it funny how I’ve seen Andy Black before I’ve seen Black Veil Brides. Even though Black Veil Brides had came to Chicago a couple times before Andy started his solo project. When I found out he was coming solo, I knew I had to go see him. I told my mom about the show and when tickets go on sale. Remember how I told you my mom always comes through for me? Well she did it again. The picture speaks for itself but she had texted me when I was in school. Obviously I was happy the rest of the day.

I had told my cousin, Erika, that I was going to the show because she’s also a fan of Andy. She got a ticket to the show as well. The day of the show I was already on summer break so we left decently early. My cousin’s friend was at the show and they were almost in the front of the line, so we hopped in line with them. Once we got inside the venue, we were really close to the stage. There probably was like four people in front of us so not too bad. 

The opening act was a band called Colours. They were a duo, a drummer and singer. I don’t really know how to describe what genre they were. To me they sounded Indie, rockish, and with a hint of EDM. The singer’s vocals were super clean. There wasn’t any screaming but when vocalists sing they sometimes have back up vocals recorded or a member of the band also singing. This guy didn’t have any from what I heard. There wasn’t any mosh pits or head banging but the music was something to vibe out to. I really enjoyed their set. 

This was Andy’s first album and tour solo. I was really curious to see how it would turn out. I’d say it went really well. I’m going to start off with his stage performance. He acted a little bit different than he would with BVB. He was a bit more talkative during the set. Which isn’t bad. It defiantly gave a more connection with him. Like during the set, Andy was talking and Erika yelled “I love you!” Andy said,”I love you too.” It was nice to see how interactive he was with the fans. He also introduced who was playing drums and guitar. I thought that was nice because he gave credit to who was touring with him. I noticed that with his stage performance there wasn’t much to it. Which is kind of understandable. I feel like during one on his songs he could’ve gotten in the crowd, walked around. Like get a one on one connection. Maybe even invited people up onstage during a song. Just something different besides him walking back and forth singing with his hand in his pocket. The sound of his solo album versus BVB is obviously different so I wasn’t disappointed in his stage performance. I just think he could’ve done something more but those were some things I noticed.

On to his songs. Since he only had one solo album out, he sang songs from it. There’s no screaming in his album which was nice because it’s different than what he does with BVB. Around the time of the show, that’s when BVB’s album ‘Set the World On Fire’ came out so Andy sang ‘Savior.’ I thought that was really nice to incorporate. To me it shows that yes he is doing a solo project but he still focus on BVB. There’s not much to say about his songs because he only has one album. Andy does have an amazing vocals live. He sounds the same as if you would listen to him through headphones.

As of now he just released a new single that’s a cover. So who knows maybe we will be seeing some more stuff from Andy. I do recommend seeing him if he does another tour because it’s different than Black Veil Brides. The vibe of the show is different, the song are different and you won’t be disappointed. Also it’s nice to support artists who have a side project. After the show my cousin and I really wanted to meet him. We waited outside for about 15 minutes and some guy comes outside saying that Andy isn’t coming out anytime soon. So we left. Overall it was a great show. And I can’t wait to see what Andy comes out with next. 

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