Almost There But Not Really

Almost There But Not Really is a shoegaze band straight from the South Side of Chicago. Their sound is everything in between dreamy and upbeat. The Latino band is composed of brother and sister duo Scott and Jess along with Ben and Juan. During covid they got together to form the band. The past few years have been an interesting time for everyone. The band took advantage to put out some songs and bond over their love of music. Last year they released a few demos and just this past month released two new singles “Marquette Park” and “Unwound.” They’re keeping that same dreamy sound while also making it groovy. The album art cover matches their songs with the lively sound. These songs are perfect to add to your playlist for some late night drives. As of now the band has a few shows planned but nothing announced just yet. All links will be down below and make sure to stream their latest tracks!

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