‘Almost Home’ New Single From Mock Nine

Once again, Mock Nine wasted no time in releasing new songs. Last Friday, the band released their latest single called ‘Almost Home.’

This is one of the more slow songs that the band has released. The 4 minute song brings you into a calm relaxing feeling. I feel as though the lyrics are for anyone to take away their own meaning, up for interpretation. With the guitar and the small hint of sax in the beginning, the song starts off really strong.

This is the first song the band released with their newest member Miles Aronvitz who plays the sax.

I appreciated that halfway through the song, the instruments are doing the singing. The whole song doesn’t consist of vocals. It adds a unique touch to it. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but since it’s the first song with Miles, the Sax solo at the end it seemed like it was his intro to the band. Showing his style and it pulls the song together especially at the end.

It’s not the typical heavy breakdowns I and many love, but the song is worth a listen. Mock Nine made me step out of my comfort zone and they haven’t disappointed at all. You can catch this song being played at their next show Nov. 30 at Martyrs in Chicago with Neptunes Core, Monarchy Over Monday and Ffrikoo opening the show. Check out the song down below!

Link to song on Apple Music- https://music.apple.com/us/album/almost-home-single/1482157005