1K Views Giveaway!!!

I hit 1,000 views on Oct 17th, 2017. I couldn’t describe how happy I was. Thank you to everyone that has checked it out. It truly means a lot to me. To celebrate 1,000 views on my blog I w ill be doing a giveaway! But first I’m going to tell you a story of what my family surprised me with…

The next day after I hit 1K I came home and chilled in my kitchen for a bit. My mom only told me we were going out for dessert to celebrate. My sister and I were going to watch Netflix on my mother’s iPad. When I opened it I saw one of apps opened and all I saw was “1k.” I looked at my sister Genesis then I started laughing. She looked at me weird and I showed her. She started saying “I don’t know.” So I’m over here thinking someone is having a surprise party. I didn’t tell my mom what I saw. About an hour passed and then my mom tells me to come to her room. I go into her room and we start talking. Then she said “go do laundry.” I started thinking she went to my room and saw it was a mess. I go upstairs and Genesis starts following me. And she said “I’m going to check to if the baby is still sleeping.” That didn’t seem suspicious. What was suspicious was that on my door I saw my dads SMGViews shirt. I turned around and I’m like “Genesis what’s that????” All she kept saying was “shhhh you’re going to wake the baby up.” I open my door and see this… wow that made my day. I turn around and see Genesis smiling while recording me. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was shocked. Those pictures are of me and the band members I’ve met. They went all out. My family cleaned my room (specifically my sister Alexa), my dad took a few hours off of work, and they did this for me. They are so supportive and always got my back. To my family, thank you guys for that!

Now time for the giveaway! I will be giving away two SMGViews shirts. This giveaway will be happening on my Instagram @smgviews. All you have to do to enter to win is

  1. Be subscribed to my blog. All you have to do to is subscribe scroll down to the bottom of the page enter your email then check your email to confirm.
  2. You must be following me on Instagram @smgviews
  3. Lastly, Comment on the video talking about the giveaway and I will be picking the two winners from the comments.

I will be going live on my Instagram next week Friday Oct 27th, 2017 at 8 p.m Central. I will scroll through the comments and randomly pick two winners. Here’s the link to my Instagram…


Good luck to everyone, and once again Thank You!

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