Hey, I’m Sophie also known as SMG. I’m 18. I’m from a suburb right next to Chicago. I’m the youngest out of four. Growing up, I was in a family that listened to all kinds of genres Spanish, pop, rap, and country music.

 I’ve seen Rihanna in 2009, and Lady Antebellum in 2014. Can’t forget about that time I won tickets to the 2014 B96 (radio station) Jingle Bash. Alternative Music is what I love. I even went to the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards.

 I was in 6th grade when I met this friend and that’s what she was into as well. Slowly she got me into that scene of music. She moved to Chicago later that year which was sad. My first ever alternative song I heard was Sleeping With Sirens “Alone” featuring Machine Gun Kelly. That lead me into listening to Pierce The Veil, Of Mice u0026amp; Men, Bring Me The Horizon, and Ghost Town etc.  

This type of music no one in my family listened to. I fell in love with it, but to them it was very different. Now my mom will listen to it with me and sometimes I’ll hear her singing MGK or Twenty One Pilots. My dad takes me to concerts. I went to a lot of them during middle school. I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet so many amazing band members. 

Friends wasn’t something I had a lot of. No one liked the same things as me. Going into high school I’ve met a few people that listen to the same music as me which is pretty cool. 

I want to share my concert experiences with you and for you to share yours with me.